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The History of Great Brampton House

Great Brampton House in Madley, Herefordshire is a Regency Building on the Site of an older property, probably built for John Pye who sold it in 1825 to Charles Ballinger. In 1853 the house was acquired by the Murray Aynsley family who are thought to have made many of the alterations that leave the house in the basic form in which we see today. Lionel Beaumont Thomas moved to Great Brampton in 1920.

Beaumont Thomas won the Kings Norton seat for the Conservatives in the 1929 election and a celebratory garden party was held at Brampton attended by many dignitaries including Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain. Lionel Beaumont Thomas devised a grand gesture hunt in the grounds and he went to the newly opened Marks and Spencer’s Store in Hereford to buy up large quantities of handbags and umbrellas as prizes. Beaumont-Thomas enjoyed doing things on a lavish scale and several years later invited 2000 of his constituents to London, hired the Lyon’s Corner House to provide them with a meal and then took them on a guided tour of the palace of Westminister.

Beaumont Thomas' wife Pauline shunned the role of society & focused on bringing up her family at Great Brampton. Although devoted to his children Beaumont was often seen out and about in London with the glamorous socialite Mrs Iseult Hazelhurst. In 1933 he informed Neville Chamberlain he would not be standing for re-election. Publicly this was attributed to his ill health, but in truth he was set to divorce his wife and wanted to minimise the scandal

When he moved Iseult into Great Brampton she began a programme of decorating works including painting the panelling in the Wedgewood Room in a stark dazzling white-a contemporary fashion popularised by the decorator Syrie Maugham. Beaumont & his second wife continued to lead a glamorous existence dividing their time between Great Brampton & the South Of France.

The most notable alteration came about in the 1950s when a chap who wishes to appear as Mr Noble purchased the House from Beaumont Thomas as a Present for his newly Wed Wife. He had presented the House to her as a Token of his affection which was quite the rosemantic gesture! Unfortunately for Mr Noble, Mrs Noble though it was ridiculous and how would they ever maintain a house of such a size. In his rage he decided to remove the Top Story of Great Brampton House and buried it where the Gazebo remains today. There is still a Mound that resembles a hill there to this day.

The House Changed hands a couple more times until Lady Pidgeon took over in 1969.
For nearly Forty Years Great Brampton House, under the auspices of Lady Pamela Pidgeon, has been both a comfortable & elegant home and an internationally recognised business. Lady Pidgeon’s retirement marks the closure of one of England’s most celebrated antique shops as well as her departure from a much loved family home.

For the Two Decades after her arrival at Great Brampton, Lady Pidgeon was to oversee the growth of the Business from good local antique shop to internationally recognised brand with a far-reaching client base more akin to that of a Top Mayfair Gallery. This was achieved with a mix of the Unique Great Brampton Backdrop combined with Lady Pidgeon’s natural charm, instinctive flair and business acumen.

And Finally in 2008 Martin & Ioana Miller purchased the House where they completely refurbished & housed Martin’s Collection of Furniture, Art & Curiousities & opened it as Miller’s Hideaway.

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